Saturday, 27 June 2015

         Taggers now all painted with camo paint

Saturday, 9 May 2015

   New for 2015  Laser Tag Nuke Prop
This is the latest device built for our group, this is a cut wire device where you have to decide what wire(6) to cut. Three do nothing, one disarms the wire cut, one disarms the timer and the other sets off the device alarm siren. There is also a IR sensor that triggers the time clock to go to double speed, when hit by the opposing team taggers.  The case has a built in Tracking device that can be tracked real time on Google Earth.  Still got the intermitting beep and the IR LED's to emit damaged to fit, but over all its starting to look the part. 
Video Link:

               The components used to build this were purchased from
 Patrick over at  if you tell him I recommended him and you'll get his special offer for all the main components needed, except Led chasers from ebay.  Also check out all the other great products Patrick has for sale.

Friday, 20 February 2015

    New for 2015      Laser Combat RPG

This is my latest add-on to our group's laser combat weapons, a home made RPG run on MilesTag, built from two sizes of waste water pipes and fittings plus a piece of timber, some bolts. Included is the Miles Core Board but you could use the smaller board if you wanted. All fitted together filled and painted.            Video Link:

Sunday, 25 January 2015

         New Claymore Mine for Laser Combat 2015

Tested out my new Fibreglass Claymore Mine today, had a few wee teething problems, the tripwire cord was not strong enough and had to improvise on site by using the Para cord from my vest. The lever on the trip switch needed a bit of fine tuning, but over all happy with it. Scorpy

                        Link to short video:  Laser Claymore Test

Drawing of how to make the Claymore Mine Case in MDF Wood if you can't make a fibreglass one.    Click on photo to enlarge:

PIR Sensor and Tripwire
 MilesTag Gamesbox V3, reprogrammed to work with the PIR Sensor to trip the damaged to taggers, the reprogrammed board allows the user to set damage/ hits etc with the clone settings on the tagger.
Reprogramming work done buy


Monday, 29 December 2014

                  New Headband Sensors for 2015
Not been building anything foe a wee while, due to my 'Everest Trek' so today had a go at making my new headband sensors, designed the model and how I wanted it to look then asked 'Berk' on the site to do the schematics for the board.
Berk had them made up and this video shows them working.  Will load photos of the acyclic sensors on the headband when I get a chance too.                       Video at:

Feb 2015, just about to put together the resin sensors,  would anyone like me to video the resin process?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fibreglass LaserTaggers

Welcome to my fibreglass laser taggers using the MilesTag system I live in Scotland so some of you might find it had to unerstand my accent in the videos, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. lol

If this site has help you!  You can help us a small donation to our Children's Charity Group could make a BIG differance to our charity at Many Thanks

These are two of the 17 taggers made in fibreglass, a new model is in progress at the moment will post when the MDF model is built.
NEW:      Domination Game Box                       July 2013

A Milestag UMT board running modified software to act as a domination tube. Two 7 segment displays are used to count red and blue team wins. RGB leds are used to indicate current team also sound effects.  Thanks to Tony at  for modifying the board.


Airsoft Conversion Conversion Video        May 2013


Fit this simple conversion into your MilesTag umt or core board.

New: Multi-Game Box              
Video at:   June 2013

Short video showing how we re-cased  Lasergame Berlin's Multi-Box into a Waterproof Peli-Case,   just to give you guy's an idea what you can do with it.  The Multi-Box has built in Domination Game / Laser Bomb Mode with IR Radiation Emiters / Ammo /Respawn /Health / Flag Station and act as a Team Base, it also collect's Scoring Data.  Sold by

         New Video:  2014 Game in Play

                    Fibreglass taggers just from the mould.

This is a list of what you need, don't need many tools for fibreglassing, but you'll need a mouse sander and a good knife for finishing off, check out my blog for the how to videos. Do not buy epoxy resin or woven mat.
My Videos show you everything else.
Shopping list
450g (1.5 oz) Chopped Strand Matting-3 kg / 6.6 sq mt £10.95 Not woven
Chopped Strands - 6 mm-5 KG £15.50 If can't get, order more mat then use Sissors cut
General purposeployester Resin - (including catalyst)- 2 x 5Kg £30.00 Not epoxy
Polyester Gel-Coat - RAL 7024 graphite grey-2.5 KG £16.95 Whatever colour you like
Blue Matt PVA Release Agent-1 Lt £5.95 Matt let you see when its dry
Extra Catalyst/hardner - Medium Reactivity - MEKP-1 Kg £6.00 Also need for cleaning brushes
Honeywax 14 oz Tin-1 Tin £12.25 Most waxes will do
Nitrile Gloves 100 Large-Pack of 100 £4.99 Maybe think about a mask for the dust
Wooden Spatula mixing sticks-Box of 100 £2.98 Save using the wifes kitchen stuff
1" wooden handle brushes- 2 x Boxes of 12 £6.40 Found this size best for tagger building
Sub Total: £111.97

I also used a colour pigmet in each resin mix to keep the colour running through the whole tagger, this helps stop showing any scratches on the tagger. S00g tin about £8.00 Just need a very small bit on the end of the mixing stick for each mix Also Flex additive if you can get if as this makes the tagger less prone to chips.

This amount should make 10-12 Taggers plus one mold, divide if you intend to make less, this works out just over £10 per case base on UK prices. Hope this is what your looking for. Scorpy

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How to make a laser tagger lens system

Thought this could help someone building a lens set-up, have added a photo as sometimes its better to see what were taking about ( I know I do) lol.

Click to enlarge photo.
Here is a list of parts;

35mm black pipe
40mm black pipe (check different makes as some are tighter fit)
35mm lens with a 108mm focal length
1 Fizzie water bottle top.
2 LED Holders
Some pipe glue

The white bit in the photo is what I use to work out the holes, get a sheet of paper wrap it around the 40mm pipe (cut it were the ends meet) work out the size on the computer, then decide were you are going to put the holes, print this and wrap it around the pipe and drill out the holes. This will keep your holes nice and straight. If doing more than one, laminate it first as this will last a lot longer.

Glue the larger part of 35mm pipe in place first, drop in lens, then glue the small section of 35mm pipe in place. Then drill two holes in the top, add the led holders and fit the leds in place with the wires attached.

Slide the top up and down the tube till you get the perfect focus ( Do this just like how you would try and burn a hole in a piece of paper with a magnifying glass )till you get a sharp focus, then fix the screw though the pipe into the bottle top to hold it in place.

Hope this is of some use.             Video: How to focus your lens set-up